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Thunder 12v Ac/dc Battery Box – Tdr02007

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Portable power is essential for the modern day camper, with fridges and other creature comforts making a weekend getaway that little bit easier.

The Thunder Battery Box provides 12 volt and 240 volt power for common devices and appliances, acting as a dual battery system to manage solar and in-vehicle charge. Featuring a 7 stage smart charger to maintain battery condition, the unit is compatible with leading vehicle batteries, including Lead Acid, Calcium, Gel and AGM up to 120Ah in size. Setting up the Battery Box is simple, with a step-by-step guide that helps you select your type of battery, remembers the last battery you used, and will warn you if there’s a fault during charge.

Important: Appliance guide is based on the Battery Box being fitted with a 12V 120Ah deep cycle battery. Rating and running times are a guide only, dependent on the use and conditions. It is recommended to never fully discharge your batteries, as this can cause permanent damage to the cells.


Charges most 12V batteries including Lead Acid, GEL, AGM, LiFePO4 and Calcium batteries.
Battery range: Deep Cycle (60-130Ah), Automotive (300-800CCA), Marine (350-950MCA)
Weight: 4.62kg (excluding battery)
External dimensions: 240mm (W) x 440mm (L) x 327mm (H)
Internal dimensions: 180mm (W) x 330mm (L) x 238mm (H)
Input (nominal): 240V AC, 50hz or 110V AC 60hz
Input power: 120W
Output voltage: 12V DC
Output current: up to 7.0A
Minimum start voltage: 10.5V
Back drain: 0.1A
Charge control:

Charge up to 14.5V (Wet), 14.1V (Gel), 14.5V (AGM), 14.9V (Calcium), 14.6V (Lithium-Ion Phosphate LiFePO4)
Boost: Constant voltage for up to 1.5 hours
Resting: Allows voltage to drop to float voltage
Float: 13.5V or 13.7V (LiFePO4) for 500 hours
Re-awaken: Return to charge cycle after 500 hours
Main (battery) switch with removable key
Reverse polarity protection by fuse
External positive and negative terminals
Control panel and LCD display
Input socket for AC/DC power supply unit or car charging lead
Supplied with car charging lead and external AC/DC power supply
2 x cigarette sockets – 12V, 10A rated
1 x Anderson socket – 12V, 50A rated
1 x 240 Volt AC socket – 240V 50hz modified sine wave
2 x external terminals – 12V, 100A rated
1 x USB outlet – 5 V, 2.1A max

Part Number: TDR02007