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Remco 12V 200Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery RM12-200DC

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12V 200ah SLA, VRLA, AGM sealed Battery Remco RM12-200DC

Remco/Synergy Valve Regulated or Seal Lead Acid Batteries, used in standby, cycling and heavy deep cycling applications, excellent manufacturing with the latest technology included. They are maintenance free, spill proof and leak proof, batteries suitable for most standby applications for fire, security, lighting, and UPS. The range also includes full cyclic products suitable for RV and Marine House Bank applications.

Fully Sealed AGM VRLA SLA 12V Quality Cycling battery.
SLA = Sealed Lead Acid
VLRA = Valve Regulated
AGM = Absorbed Glass Matt (‘Gel type’, Dry Cell)
Capacity (20HR) 200a
Length 522mm, Width 240mm, Height 219mm, Total Height (Inc Terminal) 240mm
Terminal Type F12 BOLT IN
volts 12, Approx Weight 62 kg