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📍 East Tamaki - 212c Burswood Dr. 📞 0800 315 3887
📍 Mt Albert - 648 New North Rd. 📞 0800 315 3897
📍 Hamilton - 87a Greenwood St. 📞 0800 315 3877

Projecta Intelli-start 12/24V 2000A Lithium Jump Starter - IS2000

Original price $839.00 - Original price $839.00
Original price
$839.00 - $839.00
Current price $839.00
Heavy duty truck jumpstarter
24v jumpstarter
Heavy duty jumpstarter

Projecta is2000

Truck jump starter
Jump starter
24v battery starter
24v jump starter
12v battery starter
24v jump pack
Battery starter
Truck battery starter
Truck jump pack

Product highlights

The is2000 is the world’s first 12/24v jump starter that recharges itself via rrt – rapid recharge technology
Specially designed cranking battery – lifepo4 battery technology engineered for high cranking performance and superior safety
Safest jump starter on the market - advanced ‘all-in-one’ protection system preventing surges, short-circuits and overheating
Workshop tough – durable high impact housing with rubber over-moulded body
No battery operation – can jumpstart vehicle without a starter battery
Lightweight & portable – won’t break your back!!
World’s best design and construction – nut and bolt termination
Easy to use – intuitive colour screen indicates alarms, battery status and vehicle status
Premium glass filled nylon clamps
Premium eva carry case, l.E.D work light and usb power bank


Battery capacity 2 x 3.0ah at 12.8v, 24,000mah at 3.2v (76.8wh)
Battery chemistry lithium iron phosphate (lifepo4)
Battery cycles 2000 battery cycles (battery lifespan)
Clamp power 12v 750a / 24v 500a
Maximum current available at the clamps
Application professional
Types of vehicle starts large 12v & 24v vehicles up to 8.0l petrol & 7.0l diesel

Via 12v usb-c lead (12v to usb-a adaptor)
240v charging dock (15v 1a ac adaptor)
Source rrt via vehicle starting battery
Jump starter

Weight 2.6kg