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📍 Hamilton - 87a Greenwood St. 📞 0800 315 3877

Projecta Intelli-Charge IC800-24 24v 8amp 7 Stage Automatic Battery Charger

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Projecta’s IC800-24 is a highly advanced charger for all your 24v battery requirements. Capable of being set to perfectly suit the specific battery chemistry type as well as offering an adjustable charge rate feature to match a large range of battery sizes. The IC800-24 is an ideal solution for commercial vehicles and industrial machinery.

Projecta’s Intelli-Charge range of battery chargers are the most advanced lead acid battery charging solution we offer. Featuring world class 7 stage battery charging technology that is guaranteed to maximise performance as well as increase battery life of your battery.

Suitable for the professional or the user that demands much more from their batteries and how they are maintained.

Features at a Glance:

Remote Control Display: Control and monitor charger’s performance from a remote control display. Battery charger and remote are synchronised fro operation.
Multi Chemistry Charging: User can set charging profile to suit each batteries chemistry type (GEL, AGM, Wet Cell and Calcium).
Float Charge Mode: Maintains the battery at 100% charger without overcharging or damaging the battery. Allowing for connection to the battery indefinitely without any damage to the cells.
Power Supply Mode: When selected appliances (or load) can safely be run from the battery. An appliance can also be run directly from the battery clamps if required. Such as using the charger as a memory saver when disconnecting battery from vehicle.
Polarity protection: Prevents the outputs from sparking sue to accidental reverse connection or shot circuits.
Over Temperature Protection: Temperature controlled fan and internal over temperature cut off feature.
Switch Mode Technology: Converting 240v AC to 12v using switch mode technology. Which creates a much more compact and powerful charger without sacrificing performance.


Type: 7 Stage
Input (Nominal): 240v AC 50Hz
Input Power: 480w
Output Voltage: 24v
Output Current: 2, 4, 6, 8a
Minimum Start Voltage: 4.5v
Back Drain: 1mA
Deep Cycle Battery Range: 14-160Ah
Automotive Battery Range: 80-1000ccA
Marine Battery Range: 110-1300mcA
Battery Types: GEL, AGM, Wet Cell and Calcium
Size: 190 x 81 x 168
Weight: 1.8kg