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📍 Hamilton - 87a Greenwood St. 📞 0800 315 3877

2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Bluetooth connected LCD screen Powertrain HIP2000WL

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$759.00 - $759.00
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The Power Train HIP2000WL is the ultimate RV / Campervan power system. As the centre of the whole power system, this unit provides 2000w Pure Sinewave AC power which is the best option for delicate electronics, computing and on board appliances. The unit features a removable 2.4inch LCD colour touch screen that open up the possibility of much more convenient installation options. Hide the inverter away and put the LCD screen somewhere convenient where you can view important information about your power system. Including current, battery voltage, total wattage and much more. The screen communicates wirelessly with the main unit via Bluetooth. However, it does require 12v power to run. Additional wiring to remotely mount the screen is included in the package.

The unique feature of the Power Train HIP2000WL over other similarly power rated inverters is its integrated AC switching functionality. This allows for both 12v on board power and AC power to be wired into the inverter. When AC power is present, such as when your RV/ Campervan is parked at a camp site or at home, the inverter switches the battery power off and operates of available AC power automatically. Once and for all eliminating the need for cluncky plugging in and out work arounds that exist in retro fitted RV’s and campervans. All on board sockets and appliances operate off either AC or DC automatically. Super clean and user friendly all in one power solution!


Removable 2.4-inch Bluetooth touch screen colour LCD display.
On / Off remote switch on removable display to turn the unit on or off.
Dual 240v AC outlets.
Automatic AC transfer switch when 240v AC input is detected.
Low voltage warning at 11.5v with flashing reading on the voltage gauge.
Shuts down output at 11v along with visible warning on LCD screen.
Over/under-voltage protection, Overheating protection, Overload protection, Short circuit protection.
1 year warranty


Continuous Output Power: 2000w
Minimum Input Voltage: 11v
Output Voltage: 240v AC
Output Frequency: 50Hz
Output Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
AC Transfer Switch: Yes
Output Overload protection (manual restart): 2100w
External fuse specification: 150a