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Varta N70 Blue Dynamic EFB 12V 760CCA Start Stop – 2yrs Warranty LN3 DIN65LH



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Made in Germany. Choose a Varta Blue Dynamic EFB to get a superior and extraordinary battery for high-performance applications. Thanks to its EFB enhanced technology, which is suited for start-stop vehicles that start the engine multiple times in a single journey, Varta Blue Dynamic EFB batteries have twice the level of endurance of conventional batteries. Choose Varta Blue Dynamic EFB for vehicles with higher than normal energy demands whether that means a tougher drive schedule, multiple accessories and equipment installed, or start-stop-enabled cars without regenerative braking technology.

Benefits Ready for entry-level start-stop systems Engineered to the highest German standards Patented PowerFrame grid for reliable starting power, fast recharge and corrosion resistance

Technical Specifications

Replaces : LN3, DIN65LH Voltage : 12V Capacity : 70Ah Cold Cranking Amps : 760CCA Dimensions : 278mm x 174mm x 188mm Weight : 21 kg Private Use Warranty: 2 Years Commercial Use / Taxi warranty: 12 / 6 Months Replaces : S57450EFB, LN370EFB, N70, E45 DIN65LHEFB, SSEFB-66EU


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