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📍 East Tamaki - 212c Burswood Dr. 📞 0800 315 3887
📍 Mt Albert - 648 New North Road 📞 0800 315 3897

POWER TRAIN Stackable 12V 26A/h Sealed Deep Cycle AGM Battery KEMAX PBG-26

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PBG-26 Stackable 12V 26A/h Sealed Deep Cycle AGM Battery

Versatile and Portable Power supply for use in camping, RV, camper vans, marine, field work.

The stackable battery allows you to choose how high of an A/h you wish to achieve in your battery, allowing easy handling as they can be
stacked and fitted together. Because the battery is sealed AGM, the liquid is completely absorbed within the glass mat of the battery,
meaning no liquid will spill even if tilted or kept upside down. Because of this feature, this battery does not classify as a dangerous good which
we have all necessary test reports and certificates allowing this battery to be easily transportable.This newly developed battery is flatter than
the previous AGM batteries, which means this battery can have much higher maximum amperage draw within a short time frame (Peak Amp
output: 1000Amps, Continuous current output: 400 Amps), and can also be charged much quicker as the lead plates are shorter.
Another product that complements this battery is the battery hub, product code: HUB-100, which is a battery information display device that
can be easily attached to the front of the battery or any one of the batteries if they are stacked.
Regardless of how many batteries are connected in parallel, this device will be able to show battery capacity, battery voltage, and input
charging current and output current. The HUB-100 also has many other features such as: Anderson plug for 12V50A output, 12V DC socket for
12V15A output, 12V DC heavy duty socket for 12V15A output, 2x USB output for 5V2.4A, charging input plug, and a low voltage warning.

• Stackable 12V 26 A/H (each) battery pack system.
• Unique AGM battery design can handle high instantaneous current output as well as sustained constant current.
• Thin flat shape allowing diverse installation possibilities when mounting in vehicle.
• Stack and combine multiple battery packs to scale up your power requirements.
• Integrated carry handles for easy pick up and go portability.
• Use with HUB-100 display and control unit for easy connection to your favourite devices.
Reserve Capacity Amp/hours: 26Ah
Peak Amp Output: 1000 Amps
Continuous Current output: 400 Amps
Battery Type: Sealed deep cycle AGM Battery
Battery weight: 7.92 KG
Battery Size: 320W x 250D x 120H

12 Months warranty