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20 amp main battery charger for motorhomes and caravans


Built in micro chip monitoring and charging control system
Zero volt minimum start, so can charge a dead flat battery
Accurate voltage and current detection, which monitors both AC and DC side
Optimal designed charging cycles designed specifically for a wide range of selected battery types (Lead Acid, SLA, Gel, Deep cycle AGM and Calcium)
Complete 8 stage charge cycle (de-sulphation, soft start, bulk, absorption, analysis, boost, float and maintenance stage)
Automatic adjustment to changing environmental temperature conditions
Overcharge protection
Reverse polarity protection, short circuit and overload protection
Battery type selector
LED display simultaneously shows charging voltage, amperage and % charged
Illuminated charge curve diagram indicates charging stage
Whilst charging the display will indicate “faulty battery” by LED and warning alarm
Built in Automated fan cooling.

Technical Information

Type: 8 stage battery charger
Input: AC175-255V/50-60HZ
Chargeable battery type 17A/H to 300A/H
Maximum output 312 Watt
Working Temperature b-15 to 40 degree
Size 320mm x 100mm x 210mm
Warranty: 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

12 Volt, 8 Stage, High current chargers
Ideal for workshops, caravans, motorhomes, boats or anywhere
a large or quick charge is required.
This range of highly advanced microprocesor controlled fully automatic chargers have the most advanced 8
stage charging cycle for those serious about battery recharging. The microprosessor controlled 8 stage charging
alogrithim revives, charges, checks and maintains virtually all types of 12V lead-acid batteries (Gel, Calcium, Lead
Antimony and AGM) and ensures your battery receives the optimim charge and maintain.
These Power-Train battery chargers are ideal for the high power demands of workshops, caravans, motor homes
and large boats delivering a comprehensive and accurate charge that gives your batteries longer life and better

•Microchip controlled eight (8) Stage charging
cycle including: desulphation, soft start; bulk;
absorption; analysis (battery fault diagnosis);
boost; float and maintenance stages.
•LED display simultaneously showing charging
voltage, charging amperage and percentage of
battery charge (99% flashing when fully charged)
Battery type L.E.D indicators and illuminated
charge curve diagram (clearly identifying charging
stage and sequence to the operator).
Battery testing function while charging (faulty
batteries will activate the ‘Faulty Battery” indicator
L.E.D and the warning alarm).
• Battery type selector button to select the battery
chemistry GEL, Calcium or Lead Antimony / AGM
to suit the battery type. Once selected, the charger
remembers the chemistry selected, and won’t
change unless you change the chemistry again.
• Desulphation mode with pulses & Soft start for
severely discharged batteries. Charges severely
drained batteries, and can recover the capacity of
a severely discharged battery.
• Float stage & Maintenance pulse charging
increases battery life and gives increased
performance. The charger can be connected
and left running for months, without fear of
overcharging or damaging the battery.
• Reverse polarity protection, short circuit
protection, overload protection, high temperature
protection, oercharge protection
• Compact design with mounting holes for
permanent fitting. Built-in thermatic cooling fan that
only operates when required.