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VHT Engine Enamel Paint Nu-Cast™ Aluminium 312g - SP995

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Most stock available for pick up from East Tamaki store only. 



VHT 550°F (288°C) Engine Enamels™ are available in a wide range of colors, including exact match factory colors. All colors have excellent durability and superior heat and chemical resistance. They are specially formulated to withstand corrosion, rust, salt spray, chemicals and additives of today's gasoline blends and degreasers. VHT 550°F (288°C) Engine Enamels™ are a unique blend of urethane and ceramic resins, which produce a tough and long-lasting finish for engines, engine accessories or wherever a tough, durable heat or chemical-resistant finish is needed.

Temperature 550°F (288°C) Intermittent

Dry Time Dries to the touch in 30 mins. Dries thoroughly overnight.

Applications Headers, Engine Blocks, Starters, Brackets, Water Pumps, Valve Covers, Transmissions, Differential Covers

Net Weight 11 oz.

Finish Flat, Satin, Gloss and Metallic


This is for 1 Can of VHT Engine Enamel your choice of colour.

Below are some of the colours available. For a full range of other products, ask us.

SP119 Chevy Orange Red
SP120 Chrysler Hemi-Orange
SP121 Universal Bright Red
SP122 Pontiac Blue
SP123 Universal Chevy Orange
SP124 Gloss Black
SP125 Ford Dark Blue
SP126 Early Chrysler Blue
SP127 Universal Aluminium
SP128 Gloss Yellow
SP130 Flat Black
SP132 Universal Gold
SP134 Ford Light Blue
SP135 GM Blue
SP137 Ford Grey
SP138 New Ford Blue
SP139 GM Satin Black

SP148E Light Gray Primer
SP154 Grabber Green
SP155 Chrysler Red
SP755 Competition Ford Blue
SP1202 GM Holden Blue
SP995 Nu-Cast™ Aluminium
SP997 Nu-Cast™ Iron


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