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AMP-TECH Deep Cycle Battery 12V 80a/h – D50Z

Original price $309.00 - Original price $309.00
Original price
$309.00 - $309.00
Current price $309.00

AMP-TECH Deep cycle battery with long running power and low current drain. Application – For campervan, golf carts, and any application where power storage for draw/use is required.
High density plate design to deliver constant power supply without loss of capacity. Prevents damage to plate’s active material due to vibration. Built to withstand multiple extensive discharge and re-charge cycles.

Superior materials and design. over 30 years of performance in NZ.

MDC24/85U, MDC24/85, USD50, D50, D50Z, USD50Z, 50DC, NS70DC, 24, 24DC, DC12V80, ED50, 24DC-3, SCS150, CR24DC95, MDC24, MDC24/85, MDC24/85U, PMDC24/85, G24, G24S, 24-AGM, 24-GEL, 24TMX. QUALITY
R Pos Terminal on left hand side with terminals closest to you
Dual Terminals
L259 x W174 x H201(mm) Total Height 222mm
80 A/hrs
12 Months warranty