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Mechpro Blue Easy Wheel Nut Remover – MBEWNR



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  • 16 : 1 revolution ratio Allows for effortless loosening of wheel nuts Fits 17mm, 19mm, 21mm wheels Includes corresponding 1/2 sleeves Suitable for passenger vehiclesFixing a flat tyre is usually a straightforward procedure, but older wheel nuts can rust or corrode, making them difficult to loosen with a standard jack and wrench. By using the Easy Wheel Nut Remover makes this a whole lot easier. Made from chromed steel, it’s torque-multiplying, 16:1 geared turning ratio loosens the most stubborn wheel nuts. 4 standard sized sockets (17mm, 19mm, 21mm & 22mm) are included, suitable for most vehicles.

    Using it is effortless. Attach the crank handle and correct sized socket to the gear hub, slip the socket onto the lodged nut then slide the other fixed socket over the closest nearby nut for a stable bracing position and crank. Once loosened, unscrew by hand or with a regular wrench. The hard carrying case will keep the set protected and at hand in your car or truck. The latest Mechpro Blue range doesnt just consist of tools and took kits but also includes light garage equipment and its the perfect price, quality and range to kit out your entire home garage or workshop to start making every job easier. The new light garage range includes some impressive mechanic grade tools and equipment that will start to make you the pro. Equipment like – Parts washers, sand blasting cabinets, folding engine cranes, pressure washers 300-900kg engine stands, a 25L soda blaster, 6-12Ton shop presses, inverter generators and the 20L telescopic oil drainer for those of us lucky enough to have a hoist


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