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Battery Charger 12V 1.6a 3 Stage Power train PTC12V1.6A (PTC-12V1.6A)




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Designed specifically for smaller conventional lead acid, calcium, AGM and GEL 12v batteries. Power Train’s PTC12V1.6A is ideal for recreational or seasonal vehicles such as Jet Ski’s, Motor Cycles, Ride On Mowers and much more. Excellent and very economical set and forget charging solution. The battery charger will switch to float or monitor mode when the battery charger is fully charged. Maintaining the battery voltage at optimum level and eliminating the possibility of overcharging.

The PTC12V1.6A charger uses unique pulse algorithm for the charging cycle, this helps reduce oxidation on the battery plates and evens the consistency of the electrolyte, minimising temperature while charging.


Charges from Zero Vols.
Fully automatic 3 stage charging.
Float stage pulse charging increases battery life and maintains battery at optimum voltage.
Can be left connected to battery without the risk of overcharging.
Switch Mode Technology that provides current voltage to suit all lead acid batteries.
Reverse polarity, short circuit protection and overload protection.


Model Number: PTC-12V1.6A
Output Current: 1.6a
Output Voltage (Nominal): 12v
Input Voltage: 175-255v AC 50-60Hz
Battery Types: Gel, Lead Acid, Calcium and AGM
Charge Stages: 3 stages. Boost, Absorption and Float.
Battery range (Charge): up to 40ah
Battery Range (Maintain): up to 100ah

12 months warranty

Power Train 12v 1.6a 3 Stage Lead Acid Battery Charger (PTC-12V1.6A)


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