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Projecta Pro Charge PC2100 12v 21amp 6 Industrial Automotive Battery Charger



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Ideal for the professional and suitable for a wide range of 12v applications, Projecta’s Pro Charge range of lead acid battery chargers, offer 6 stage fully automatic charging technology and battery maintenance. The PC2100 is the most powerful model from the Projecta Pro Charge range, offering up to 21amps of output and ideal for everything between passenger vehicles to agricultural machinery and trucks. Treat your battery to a pro charge today!

Projecta’s Pro Charge range are fully automatic, spark free, feature reverse polarity protection and can be left connected to a battery for pro long periods of time without the fear of overcharging. Ideal battery charging solution for recreational or seasonal vehicles.

Suitable for GEL, AGM, Flooded and Calcium Anatomy Lead Acid Batteries.


Type: 6 Stage
Input (Nominal): 240v AC 50Hz
Input Power: 432w
Output Voltage: 12v
Output Current: 2, 4, 8, 16a
Minimum Start Voltage: 3v
Back Drain: 1mA
Deep Cycle Battery Range: 14-320Ah
Automotive Battery Range: 80-1900ccA
Marine Battery Range: 110-2700mcA
Battery Types: GEL, AGM, Wet Cell and Calcium
Size: 229 x 137 x 86
Weight: 1. 5kg

Charge Control:

Rejuvenation: High Frequency charge for 24 hours
Soft Start: Half the rated set current up to 10.5v
Bulk: Set Current up to 14.4v (normal) and 14.7v (Calcium)
Absorption: 14.4v (Normal), 14.7v (calcium)
Equalisation (Calcium Mode Only): Constant Current 2.0A up top 16v. Then hold for 30min or 12 hour timeout.
Analysis: Stop charging for 5 minutes, tests if battery is above 12.5v
Float: 13.7v

12 Months Warranty


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