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Projecta Automotive Electrical System Interim Power Supply IPS130



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Utilising a 9v battery this unit will retain vehicles on board memory during battery changes and disconnections. Perfect solution to retain digital clocks, settings, radio stations, keyless entry systems, electric seats and much more.

When it’s time to replace the battery, the vehicles clock, keyless entry, radio station are all reset. With this ecumenical super easy to use solution, Projecta takes the pain away.

How Does It Work?

Make sure the doors are closed and all internal or external lights and appliances are off.
Connect positive to the positive battery lead and negative to the negative lead (or earthed position in vehicle chassis block).
Now you can remove old battery and replace with new.
Reconnect new battery to starter cable and earth cable before you disconnect this interim power supply and all your settings will remain in place!

12 Months Warranty


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