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Projecta 12v 20w Polycrystalline Solar Panel PROJECTA SPP20



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Projecta SPP20
Projecta Solar Panel
12v Maintenance Free Solar Panel
12v 20 watt  solar panel
20 year performance warranty

Polycrystalline solar technology utilises solar cells that are manufactured from silicon. Producing a far more efficient and compact solar cell when compared to amorphous panels, while producing greater output power.

The Projecta range of Polycrystalline Solar Panels are constructed with heavy duty steel frames that will withstand wind speeds in excess of 130 km/h and are corrosion resistant. Featuring tempered low iron glass that provides better impact resistance and better light transmission. Allowing the generation of more electricity by reducing the quantity of light that is reflected away from the module.

Ensure a quality solar controller is used when connecting Projecta solar panels to a deep cycle battery. Connecting a solar panel directly to a battery without a solar controller will cause over charging of the battery as well as over discharging during night when the solar panel draws current from the battery. See my other listings for solar charge controllers


Panel Type: Polycrystalline
Rated Power: 20 Watts
Open Circuit Voltage: 21v
Short Circuit Current: 1.25a
Peak Power Voltage: 17.5v
Peak Power Current: 1.14a
Test Conditions: 1000w / m2 at 25 Degrees Celsius
Automotive Battery Size: 200-750ccA
Marine Battery Size: 250-800mcA
Deep Cycle Battery Size: 20-100Ah
Size: 655mm x 295mm

Solar Panel
Solar Panel Charger
Solar Charger
Solar Panel Battery Charger
Battery Charger Solar
20 watt solar panel
12 v solar panel


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