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CTEK M 100 – 12v 7.0a 8 Stage Marine Lead Acid Battery Charger M100 FREE SHIPPING




The CTEK M100 is an excellent all round marine charger for small to mid size boats with a 12v battery system. The M100 features state of the art 8 stage charging process, providing 7amps maximum charge output, the CTEK M100 is suitable for batteries between 14-150ahr batteries as well a maintaining up to 225ahr batteries.
The CTEK M100 analyses whether a battery can accept charge and uses CTEK’s unique Desulphation cycle to remove harmful sulphate crystals. Switching to maintenance charge after the charge cycle has reached completion. Offering an ultimate set and forget solution for seasonal boats.

The M100 adopts CTEK’s patented recondition mode. Reviving deeply discharged batteries, which can be an issue after a long day at sea. The M100 AGM mode provides slightly higher voltage (14.7v instead of 14.4v) suitable for charging AGM batteries or conventional lead acid batteries in the cold.

The M100 power supply mode acts as a power supply for boats electronics in the event the battery needs to be disconnected. Eliminating the possibility of losing all on board electronic settings.

The marine range of CTEK battery chargers offer IP65 classification (splash and dustproof). They do not have any galvanic currents and are fully compatible with the boats electronics. With the addition of reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection and no sparks, the CTEK range of marine battery chargers are a must companion to any boat, yacht and marine vehicles.


Input Voltage: 220-240v AC 50-60Hz
Charging Voltage Mode Small and Normal: 14.4v
Charging Voltage Mode AGM and Cold: 14.7v
Charging Voltage Mode Recondition: 15.8v
Charging Voltage Mode Power Supply: 13.6v
Min Battery Voltage: 2.0v
Charging Current: 7a Max
Back Current: <1ah / Month
Ripple: <4%
Charge Type: 8 Stage, fully automatic
Battery Types: All types 12v Lead Acid batteries (Wet, MF, Ca/Ca, AGM and Gel)
Battery Capacity: 14-250ah and up to 225ah for Maintenance
Insulation Class: 1P65
Dimensions: 198 x 89 x 48
Weight: 0.8 Kg


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