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24V Jump Starter Matson MA35000 TRUCK JUMP STARTER


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Matson MA35000
Truck jump starter
Jump starter
24v battery starter
24v jump starter
12v battery starter
24v jump pack
Battery starter
Truck battery starter
Truck jump packProduct Description

12V/24V applications
Automatic system voltage sensing
35,000mAh internal battery capacity
LiFePO cells for extra safety and stability
Starts up to 15L diesel motors, dependant on engine conditions
Powerful torch function
Heavy duty carry case included
Battery Capacity 35000mAh
Battery Type LiFePO (Lithium Iron Ion Phosphate)
Max Current 12V 1200Amps
Max Current 24V 600Amps
Starting Current 12V 600Amps
Starting Current 24V 300Amps
Voltage 12V/24V
Weight 4.4Kg


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